Helpful Links for Dog Lover

There is more to the Fairy Dog Mama than just a caring heart!

Helpful Links for Any Dog Lover

Check out some helpful resources recommended by us here at Fairy Dog Mama to
help you take care of your best friend!


Bravo Dog

We highly recommend Bravo Dog for an array of force free, positive reinforcement, science based method training services. Renee offers training programs, group classes, one-on-one training sessions, and even offers “play and train sessions” for dogs that need a specialized, tailored to them outing. She also created “Dog Knowledge”, an assortment of courses anyone can take to learn more about the effective science and evidence based positive reinforcement


Power Funnels

I hired Lee almost 2 years ago and he has not only helped me create a better online business platform and presence, he also redesigned my business concept completely. This new concept helped me generate more clientele and simplified my company’s complex booking and scheduling system. He showed me how to implement better business tactics that saved me time and money, which in turn allows me to spend more time with my clients.


Mindful Mutts

Mindful mutts is the only daycare we refer, due to the fact that they have a background in positive reinforcement, force free, science based methods. They also provide boarding, pet first aid courses, and training classes. They ensure the dogs have the best stress free experience possible. They value the importance of both physical AND mental stimulation for the dogs, which most dog care facilities do not.


Korna Pet

Korna is our favourite store for many reasons such as the fact that they do not sell prong, e-collars, or shock collars. Many other pet suppliers do sell these products which we NEVER condone the use of. They have mentally stimulating slow feeders and toys, as well as plenty of harnesses and leashes we use with our own clients. The staff are kind, knowledgeable and can help appropriately fit your dog into any of this gear.