Cat Visits


Need someone to feed and entertain your cat? We can visit your home for cat care, too! Some Cats prefer just a 30 minute visit and check up, and others may prefer Live-in care, we offer both services.

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Keeping Your Dog Company

Around the clock care prevents dogs from becoming anxious or stressed from being away from you. If you will not be home for an extended period, we will help your dog feel safe and comfortable going through their regular routine, with their favourite fairy at their side. Walks and playtime are included

Giving Medications on Time

If you have multiple pets or your dog needs multiple doses of medication a day, this is a great option. Our team is trained to deliver medications such as insulin, special food schedules, and Pet First Aid. We know how to reduce potential health risks while you are away.

Keeping Your House Safe

Prevent property damage or theft while you are away. Avoid the appearance of an empty house: ask us to bring in your mail. We’ll pay attention to your dog and your house. We’ll inform you about any issues around the house so you don’t come home to any surprises.

Watering the Plants

Our team can keep your plants and garden hydrated. We can also tend to other animals like: Cats, fish, birds, or reptilians while we are tending to your dog. Let us know if there is anything else we can help you with!