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Meet The Fairies!

There is more to the Fairy Dog Mama than just a caring heart!


Founder, Professional Dog Walker, Professional House Sitter & Operator

Courtney Faulkner

Courtney, otherwise known as The Fairy Dog Mama, is a 24-year-old woman who is passionate about providing safe and force-free animal care. Her story begins when she started working at a Force-Free Dog training and daycare facility 6 years ago. She soon discovered there was a need for live-in care and private dog walking services for the dogs she worked with at the facility. She built close relationships with her clients and learned more about the force-free philosophy of dog training, and quickly began expanding her network of families who needed her.

The Team

Dog Walker, Professional House Sitter


Born and raised in Vancouver, Steph has over 20 years of experience caring for her family dogs and other pets including small animals, birds, and reptiles. Currently, her family dog is a 12-year-old border collie named Jack. He had a litter mate named Lucy who recently passed away.

Dog Walker, Professional House Sitter


Laura started working for Fairy Dog Mama in 2018. She was drawn to the company due to her love of dogs and being outdoors. Most importantly, she wanted to obtain more knowledge using positive reinforcement, force-free training methods for the well-being of all dogs, as well as to help her with her own.

Dog Walker, Professional House Sitter


Glitza’s interest and love for animals and their well-being led her to working for Fairy Dog Mama as of November 2018. She has completed the Puppy Essentials course with Bravo Dog Get Dog Knowledge in order to offer greater support for the younger pups!

Dog Walker, Professional House Sitter

Rheannon Lewis

Rheannon is a BCIT student in her early twenties, studying Human Resources in hopes to pursue a career in training and development. Being raised in North Vancouver has given her ample opportunity to develop an active lifestyle consisting of outdoor activities, as well as integrate herself into the dog community.

Dog Walker, Professional House Sitter

Taylor Pardy

Taylor is a 24-year-old girl from North Vancouver. She has been working closely with Courtney since the beginning of Fairy Dog Mama in the summer of 2016. Prior to Fairy Dog Mama, she started working at a force-free training and daycare facility where she learned the fundamentals of positive reinforcement training and proper force-free dog handling for three years